About us

Our Mission

Every parent and experienced driver knows that developing good driving habits and techniques begin with a solid driving education. It lies in how well the driver understands that each and every time he takes the wheel, the greatest challenge is “staying in the moment.” Life threatening distractions range from negative altercations, to euphoric good news or simply too much media in the car. Focusing the mind each and every time one gets behind the wheel, putting distractions aside and preparing oneself for the unexpected, requires maturity and wisdom that often eludes young new drivers.
At Freedom Driving School, our mission is to instill life-long principles for mindful and safe motoring—principles that will guide and influence them throughout their entire driving career.

Company History

Our school was founded in July of 2013 in Puyallup, Washington. The motivational principle was our employees’ desire to offer a higher standard of driver’s education in an environment that is professional and safe for all students. Our goal was to raise the bar by hiring highly trained instructors, developing inviting learning spaces, and using highly ranked safety rated vehicles that are kept well maintained; while offering services at a competitive price to parents and guardians.

Today, we have six locations throughout the Southern Puget Sound and over one thousand students have successfully completed our program.

Our Vehicles

All of our vehicles are Ford Fusion 4 Door sedans, which received a 9.2 out of 10 safety rating from US News and World report (2015) with great visibility and reliability. All Vehicles are clearly marked as Instructional vehicles and are equipped with a dual braking system.

Our Instructors

To become a safe driver, you must develop good defensive driving habits. Your instructors at Freedom Driving School are truly safety specialists, and will teach you the easiest most up-to-date defensive driving techniques to make driving easy and enjoyable for students of all ages. Our Instructors complete hundreds of hours of training on the latest driving techniques from both Governmental and Private resource. All instructors have completed all State certification tests and are licensed with the State of Washington which includes a complete background check though our state and federal law enforcement agencies.

Adam Wendel
Fred Kellogg
General Manager/Master Examiner/Instructor
Jack Coburn
Jeanette Higgins
Josh Wahl
Kara Bartlett
Kent Overholt
Michael Monroe
Paul Sopak
Robert Blyden
Roberta Booth
Steven Parr
Teresa Reed
Administrative Manager
Wendy Schein
Our Hiring Criteria

We are always looking to hire bright energetic people that have a desire to help develop the driving habit our of community members. In order to become an Instructor you must be licensed to drive for the last 5 years and have no more than 2 tickets within the last three years period. If this is something you would like to explore more, please contact us for more information.